New Year's Paddling Resolutions

Jan 27, 2014

Thanks  for all those who sent in their New Year’s paddling resolutions.

It really gave us in insight to our paddling crew and people who simply love getting out on the water from the young to young at heart. And we had a look at the lighter side of their paddling resolutions! Thanks for sharing.

Here are a few of our favourites and quotes from them and we added our own thoughts…

“In 2014 I want to paddle somewhere other than Regina!”
-Liam Mckinnon.

Dear Liam, the cooler thing is you paddle in the only city that rhymes with fun! 

Tom Harman writes:

Paddling Goals for 2014

1) already accomplished -Paddling New Years Day with a wonderful group of friends

2) introduce my three grandchilden to canoeing (3 between the ages 1-3 years old)

3) paddle the Keele River NWT

4) Paddle several new destinations with a group of friends (Opeongo, MacDonald-Gibson Route, Upper Madawaska, Sequin, etc)

5) Maintain streak of paddling every month of the year thru 2014

6) Paddle and enjoy the outdoors with my wife

"No paddle (canoe trip) is a bad paddle, some are just better than others"

Dear Tom, some of us paddle to get away from our wives… but glad to hear it is a family affair!


Jack Pitfield says:

My New Year's goal is to start exploring overnight self-supported white water kayak expeditions. I live in the Southeast so there are some great options in my backyard. I'm planning to head out to the Chattooga for a classic overnighter in a month. “

Thanks for making great gear!

Dear Jack, if you hear banjos – paddle faster!


Thanks for sharing with us! You all have won a free hat from Level Six! Stickers included.

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