Paddling Maps

What is Paddling Maps?

Paddling Maps is your all-in-one app / website for everything you need to know about where to find your next paddling destination. It features put ins, take outs, water descriptions, water features, ideal water levels and much more.

BUT, we need your help!
1. You can add your local store, outfitter, rental location, paddling club, and campground on the map for free!
2. We are also incentivizing you too add all your favourite paddling spots and trips no matter how big or small.  Every trip you add will result in us sending you a code that you can redeem on our website!
1 Trip = $5
3 Trips = $20
6 Trips = $50
10 trips = $85
(Make sure you tag Level Six in the drop down menu before you add your trip so we can track it)


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Android App:

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