Apr 16, 2014

Do you follow us on instagram?! If so, this easter weekend you have a chance to win a Level Six prize pack consisting of a hat, t-shirt and short sleeve paddling top! Just in time for spring - some people do easter egg hunts, we're doing a photo hunt. 

Here's what we want you to do:

Friday April 18th - Snap a pic of your rad shuttle vehicle that gets you to your place of paddling

Sat April 19th - We want to see a picture of your boat, not you IN your boat, just your beautiful boat posing on its own

Sun April 20th - Now we want to see YOU paddling. Old picture, new picture, whatever! Let's see you in action.

Monday April 21st - This wouldn't be a LEVEL SIX instagram contest without seeing ourselves in one of your pictures so last but not least, we want to see the Level Six logo! Wherever you can find it... there's a logo at the top of this page, if you're really stuck!

BE SURE to tag your pictures #levelsixhunt and @levelsix so we can see your beautiful pictures and ultimately pick one of you as the champion! Share your pictures on Twitter and Facebook for extra points!

Oh, and if you don't follow us on Instagram, follow us so you can participate. And if you don't have Instagram well, we can't really help you out there and it might take a while to teach you the ropes - but it will be worth it! 

We will pick the winner Tuesday April 22nd!

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