The river that we should not pronounce the name

Jul 3, 2014


The Cassan river is a real gem !

The Cassan is steep, remote and the one hour hike to put in makes it a real creeking mission. As soon as you get into this non-stop class V section you imediatly forget about the hike. The incalculable number of rapids and the quality of the whitewater in this river makes it one of the best creeks on the east coast.

I would like to tell you where it is, but I can't.

I would like to tell you the real name of this river but I can't.

The problem is that this river is located on private lands. In Quebec rivers are public. Anyone can paddle anywhere, but still you need to be able to get to the river and that's the real problem. In many cases there is a public acces or people are gentle enough to let us go on their lands, but the idea of property as it is in North America is a huge problem to access the rivers.


For the cassan, owners are adamant, they want to keep their little pièce of paradise for themselves and for the wood industry. Many generations of kayakers have tried to get a legal acces to this river without succes.

This article is to share images of this inaccessible river, but it's also a reminder that rivers acces are a non stop fight anywhere and I want to salute the groups working for kayakers like American Whitewater in the US. I wish one day there will be a Canadian Whitewater.

Enjoy those beautiful images.

Thanks again to Dylan Page for the awesome photos, to Emrick Blanchette for the awesome edit and thanks to Level Six that made all my spring missions easier with quality gear as the hot fuzz unisuit and the emperor Drysuit !



boofing PARADISE !


Creeking is always a serious thing...


Charles Arsenault in The ''resoudage''


Small drop.


Epic shot of the ''chute en L''



Cassan River from Quebec Connection on Vimeo.


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