Taureau Season

Jul 2, 2014

 So, this spring has been pretty hectic again. After recovering for a surgery, again, I set out to get back in shape. Between normal life, the stage 6 WWGP organization and unstable water levels, I paddled as often as possible in order to be back in the game! Everything went smoothly and I was able to return to my ultimate whitewater test: the Taureau section.

 This once mythical section of the Jacques-Cartier River has seen more and more people paddling it every year. The "new schoolers" are able to better manage the rapids and 1000000 boofs on this amazing piece of whitewater. Beware, it remains a long day on the water with most likely overnight consequences if something does go wrong. The steep whitewater and tight valley puts this section of whitewater on the top of my river list and it should be on your too!


Here a little POV of the major rapids:



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