2014 Highlights and 2015 Big Plans

Jan 15, 2015

So I was about to write up a long winded blog post about my year in 2014. But then I thought, you probably know about everything I have done over the past year because you already read all of my blog posts... Right? Anyway, instead I will catch you up with some photos from 2014 highlights and then give you my BIG plans for 2015!

Belize Guiding and snorkelling

1st place @ L6 Capital Cup

Ottawa XL Competition

Winning Ottawa XL Competition

Payette River Games

Starting out strong (would rather not show the end results... haha)SUP touring making a plan for Adventure Paddle School 2015Last drop Spillimacheen

Now for 2015! I have big plans for this year. I plan to open my very own Adventure Paddle School based out of Invermere, BC. Having had the privilege of teaching for Ottawa Kayak School over 8 years I really want to start a company just as fun, just as quickly progressing, and just as exciting. I will be teaching both whitewater kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. I will also be offering instructor certification programs in both. The grand opening is June 27th, 2015. If you can make it out to Invermere, BC for that time we will be kayaking and paddle boarding all day and watching the Reel Paddling Film Festival in the evening. 

Alongside my business, which takes up most of my brain power, I have also planned to teach for Aquabatics in Calgary for April and May as well as travel with them to NZ and OZ as a guide for a high school adventure tour. There should be lots of amazing pictures and writing from that trip. In the fall I plan on doing a surfing expedition and possibly head to the NWT for a Slave River trip!

Anyway, stay tuned and I hope these pictures, thoughts and ideas get you stoked on whitewater! Magical.

Brenna Kelly

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