April "Move of the Month" - Leg Crossover Stretch

Apr 3, 2015

Happy Spring Paddling . . .

Every month on the Level Six blog, I share an exercise, stretch or activity that is beneficial to paddlers of any level and craft.  Here are past posts since January 2015:

Shoulder Stability

Turkish Get-ups - A great way to work total body strength

This month I want to share a stretch with you that has helped some hip issues I've been dealing with from a kayaking injury (over 2 years ago) - the Leg Crossover Stretch.

This stretch opens up tight hips and IT bands.

*  Lie flat on the floor with arms out forming a "T"

*  Bring your leg across your body, keeping it straight. 

*  Manipulate your position to get the deepest, most intense stretch

*  Look over the shoulder opposite your twist.

Remember:  Hold stretches for at LEAST 30 seconds.  If you hold a stretch any less then 20 seconds, your body doesn't remember it's lengthened state (so it really does you no good).  I recommend holding stretches for at least 1-2 minutes.

Check out my "favorite stretching routine" on my fitness blog.  And, enjoy.

Heather Herbeck

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