World's Training // Tyler Fox

Jul 24, 2015

How I prepare and train for top end competition. I have a busy schedule for the next 6 months as far as “big competitions” go. At the end of Aug I will be competing in the World Freestyle Kayaking Championships here in my backyard, on the Ottawa River. Then in Nov I have the R6 Rafting World Championships in Bali. Two very different events / sports but my approach will be the same coming into both. Be Healthy, Be Strong. I feel like if I can arrive at each event with these two things I will have the confidence I need to be able to compete to the best of my ability. And bar competing to the best of my own personal ability I really don’t want to put any performance pressures on my outcome.

Staying healthy seems to be the easy part, it all comes down to lifestyle, eating well, and looking after your body. I have been trying to do as much stretching and yoga as I can, and not over doing it while I am on the water training. Perhaps the hardest part to all of this is limiting those evening beers.

Getting strong is the fun part, It means I get to do lots of paddling. It helps having a girlfriend who is also super motivated to paddle lots! Also, living on the bank of the Ottawa River, only a 5 min paddle from McCoys Rapid … and the ultimate training spot … Corner Wave, is a huge bonus!! I have been having more fun with my freestyle paddling this year than I have in most, and I think that helps a lot when it is time to get on the water. You have to want to do it, it should be fun. When paddling becomes a chore, I think you will struggle with getting results.

So, to simplify things my plan is this: Eat well, stretch often, paddle lots and enjoy every minute of it!!

Tyler Fox

Team Level Six

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