Jimmi Cup 2015

Jul 29, 2015

Jimmi cup is an annual event that celebrates squirt boating.  Squirt boating is one of the most unique paddle sport disciplines and is also the roots of freestyle kayaking.  

This year's event brought people from all over the world.  It also brought the godfather of squirt boating, Jimmi Snyder.  Jimmi has designed almost every squirt boat.  Every boat that was at the Jimmi Cup was one of his designs.  Squirt boats are known for their amazing artwork and are custom made for each paddler in both size and artwork.  

The main focus of Jimmi Cup is the elusive mystery move.  Paddlers are given 5 chances to spend as much time underwater as they can!   Their total time is added together. 

Squirt boating is a discipline that is recognized by the ICF and is part of the Canoe Kayak Freestyle World Championships.  The ICF competitions differ from Jimmi Cup.  Unlike Jimmi Cup, the World Championships use a combination judged freestyle moves and mystery moves.  




At this year's Jimmi Cup the best score for the event was just over 150 seconds.  The winner averaged 30 seconds underwater per ride!  This year also had the largest female class yet and the most countries ever represented with competitors from Japan, USA, Great Britain, Norway and Canada!

At the end of the event a number of paddlers stopped by, hopped in boats and enjoyed this very fun sport for their very first time!


-- Matt Hamilton

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