August Adventures

Aug 13, 2015

Summer is always busy in the Columbia River Gorge, but we managed to skip town and find a few epic adventures, starting in Salt Lake City, UT and ending in McCall, ID.

OR 2015 was a quick trip for us this year, but we managed to check everything off our list that needed to get done. 

It was awesome to hang with my L6 family at the "on-water" demo.  I tried out their new SUP boards for an entire afternoon.  They have such a selection of boards from plastic to inflatable to high end racing boards.  Loved getting to try them all.

We bolted out of the show early and headed straight to Banks, ID.  Everyone knows why you go to Banks . . . the NF of the Payette.  We actually hit the Canyon stretch of the South Fork first to warm up a bit and cross a new stretch of river off of our list.  This stretch is a class III/IV pool drop section of river with hot springs and amazing canyons.  A must do if you're in the area.

The next day we headed to the NF of the Payette with best paddling buds.  I have to admit, my anxiety was at a high level for this run, but it ended up being one of the most memorable days on the river I've had to date.  Good lines, solid crew with our closest friends, following behind my husband, and warm water.

This is the look of "stokeness" at the NF take-out.

From there we headed over to McCall, ID for some epic mt biking and hot spring action.  We experienced awesome downhill action and amazing scenery.

I can't wait to go back and get more "big water" NF training under my belt as well as some more epic trails.  Big Thumbs up for "living life"!

Heather Herbeck

Team L6


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