2 days

Feb 16, 2011

Just an update before we leave on our adventure Saturday, we have now spent a week together printing and laminating 109 maps of the whole coast of Britain as well as buying and sorting 4months worth of food, this consisted of packing each days rations of pasta and rice in individual bags which although sounds fun is in fact as enjoyable as watching paint dry, this week however has been interesting we've had the fun task of packing the kayak, a 22.5 foot Atlantis synergy is not as easy to find space for all our food as we first assumed its been a challenge but with all dry bags full and cereal bars bursting out of deck holes everywhere we are happy and ready to leave. Obviously were expecting British weather for launch day so rain, wind and more rain but it won't dampen our spirits, so with one huge thankyou to level 6 for all there help we are ready to paddle our way for charity.

Head to the Open Horizons website for more! http://www.openhorizons-expeditions.com/diary/index.htm

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