2011 Easter Corsica Kayak Session

Apr 28, 2011

Following the protest to save the free flowing Rizzaneze - organized in 2007 by photographer Raph Thiebaut and resulting in a gathering of nearly 150 paddlers.

Raph Tiebaut, and since last year Stephane Pion kayak session & Canoe kayak mag France decided to organize a festival in Corsica every year (first edition in 2009…). The first editionwent off with over 300 people showing up, the 2011 saw even more people!

With its exceptional whitewater and beautiful scenery, Corsica is a great place for paddlers to bring friends and family for a week of paddling and exploring and hanging out.

The Plan is NO PLAN; everyone can be on their own schedule. The idea is to gather every evening, watch videos, exchange about experiences, and party…


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Enjoy  the pictures and see you there next year!

Jules Gallais

Photos: Vincent Richard

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