Teva Extreme Outdoor Games 2011

Jul 17, 2011

On June 4th to 12th, I was in Italy with buddies from Pyrenees, more exactly in ValChiusella and Ivrea, to compet at the Teva Extreme Outdoor Games 2011 first stage of the AWP World Series 2011.

We arrived few days before the races to train on the Chiusella race sections.
The water levels were just perfect the 1st days. GO BIG, home is too far away!!!
Unfornuately water levels dropped quickly and let us a shitty level for the races... Too bad...

Teva Extreme Outdoor Games 2011, Italy - Video 1# from Val Grollemund on Vimeo.

Teva Extreme Outdoor Games 2011, Italy - Video 2# from Val Grollemund on Vimeo.

The race program:
Thursday (Chiusella) = long indiv race + "King of the Falls"
Friday (Chiusella + Ivrea) = Long team race + sprint team race
Saturday (Ivrea) = Sprint race + slalom race + team slalom race
Sunday (Ivrea) = Boater cross

Right after the briefing, organizors said me my kayak was too long, more than 2m60...
My FLUID BigBang is 2m70... We drive back to the campsite so pissed off, knowing the next day I'll have to compet with a kayak of a friend which one I never used before... :-(
I've to write here all AWP World Series could be competed with 2m70 maximum...

Teva Extreme Outdoor Games 2011 - On board with Val Grollemund from Val Grollemund on Vimeo.

Hopefuly, Francesco Salvato lent me his kayak for the races.
My indiv long race was more than horrible, I was in the lines but I couldn't paddle my best level and there was'nt any pleasure... I ended 22nd... Damn...
The afternoon, I got a lucky loozer card for the "King of the Falls".
A section I really like, it's steap and pushy!!!
But there again, go big with a boat you used for the 1st time is quite hard and I fuck it up with a 14th...
In Ivrea, the next days with indiv races, Michele Ramazza lent me his kayak, knowing I still cannot compet with my FLUID BigBang...
Same as Chiusella stage, I paddled in Ivrea without performing and without any pleasure.

About team race, with Stefun Pion and Bastien, my team mates, we paddles well during the long race and sprint race.
But at the slalom team race Bastien missed the last gate of the slalom course so we had a 50seconds penalty... To ended 10th of that team slalom, last stage of the team races.
At the overall ranking of the Freeride Kayak World Championship by Team of Nation Stefun, Bastien and I were 10th.

Sunday too place the boater cross, I got easily my spot for the 1/8 finals, before got dismissed in 1/4 finals after a fairplay matter of one of my German contestants during the heat, where he didn't respect the rules... And me, they don't wanna let me compet cause of my too long kayak...

Teva Extreme Outdoor Games 2011, Italy - Video 3# from Val Grollemund on Vimeo.

The report of my Teva Extreme Outdoor Games 2011 is really mitigated.
I ended 25th at the overall ranking.
Was so happy with what I was doing during my trainings but that shitty kayak switching for the races didn't help me at all to perform there in Italy.
I went back so disappointed, hoping the organizors will steady their rules on the AWP ones, especially concerning the kayak lenght...

I also have to paddle more than I did this winter and I've to work on my power, I'll have to go through the bodybuilding room!!

Well, I've some directions to work for next season...!!!!!!

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