Shooting with BBC

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A very unique opportunity found me this last September, as BBC came to the area looking to capture the artistry of whitewater kayaking on camera.

BBC is co-producing with the Discovery Channel and currently working on a documentary of North America, similar to their series on Planet Earth.  Typically they don’t feature people in these documentaries, however in order to capture the scale of 'spring-time river flow', they wanted to shoot a few kayakers.

I guess it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.  Wet Planet Whitewater, where I’ve worked the last 7 years, hooked me up with this project and I spent a good amount of 3 days with the 2-person film crew.

The most exciting part about the entire experience was being shot with the phantom camera – one of the highest quality camera’s out there.  It was challenging for the videographer, as he had never shot kayaking before.  But after a few 'takes' he nailed some great shots.  After each film shoot, we headed back to our house and looked through all the clips shot that day.  Watching the kayaking in slow motion was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Each stroke placement, all the facial expressions and every plunge over the drops were intensified 10-fold with this camera.

It sounds like they are shooting for this documentary for a few more years and then starting the editing process.  So, I figure in about 5 years, when the documentary is released, I will have forgotten I was in it . . . lol!

Thanks Level Six for the awesome gear . . . it looked great on the camera!



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