Alberta Classics

May 31, 2012

With lots of free time this spring I've been able to get on a bunch of the Southern Alberta classics; The Elbow, The Sheep, Cataract Creek and my personal favorite Cameron Creek. I've done Cameron 3 times, Cataract 4, the Sheep twice and the Elbow 4 times. With the exception of Cameron Creek these are easier low stress runs with a couple of larger drops to get the heart rate up, perfect for shaking out the early season cobwebs. Cameron Creek is a 5 km section with 15 or so ledges and slides ranging from 6 to 50 feet through a scenic canyon. I've been doing lots of sprints in the easier sections of these runs trying to get my fitness level up in preparation for the Little White and North Fork of the Payette races. Overall I'm feeling pretty good heading into what promises to be an exciting summer of boating for me.

Thanks to Lianne Germaine, Dave Crerar and Mitch Suliak for the pictures.

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