Freeride World Tour 2012

This winter 2011-2012 had been a massive change for me, was my first winter in the mountains for working.
I used to stay around home on winter, there’s a bit a snow sometimes but this winter was full of snow for me.
Yeah I got a job as filmmaker and editor for the Freeride World Tour, the ski and snowboard World Championship.

We had 5 weeks full on in 5 different places, 5 different countries, 5 different  events super well organized so it was a real pleasure to work for!!
We went to Chamonix France, Courmayeur Italy, Roldal Norway, Fieberbrunn Austria and the final was in Verbier Switzerland.

There, I worked hard but I had the chance to have a bit of free time to watch the World best freeriders dropping in those incredible venues and ski some sick fresh snow faces.
For sure it’s always a pleasure to edit after the event all the rider’s run and have a better look on, especially when the events are shot with a cineflex (stabilized camera on the helicopter).

When I was outdoor during the events and the days before, you can’t imagine how much I loved my dear wonderful union suit, you know the polar Level6 pyjama!!
Guys, if you are always outdoor for working or having fun, or if you kayak most of the time in cold water as I do, just go and buy your Union Suit.
It’ll change your life or at least your temperature feelings!!

Thanks Level Six to kept my balls warm this winter on my skis, wasn’t that easy for a dude from southern France like me!! ;-)
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