Whitewater Ontario Advocacy T-shirts for Sale $25!

Jul 17, 2012

"Our Advocacy fundraising efforts continue after a successful festival this past weekend-stay tuned for a full report.

Level 6 printed up some great t-shirts in comfy organic cotton with our Advocacy logo and slogan on the back and Whitewater Ontario on the sleeve. We have 30 t-shirts left so get one while you can and support our advocacy efforts!! T-shirts are $25 including shipping within Ontario. Email the WO office at info@whitewaterontario.ca to order yours."

We have Men's and Women's t-shirts available.
The women's t-shirts come in teal with the Level 6 Sea Horse logo on the front

The men's t-shirts come in teal and black with the Level 6 Paddle Home logo on the front

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