Bow Falls

Jul 29, 2012

I first scouted Bow Falls last year after a run on Johnston Canyon. At the time it looked pretty good but could have used a bit more water, so it was going to have to wait until 2012. I was gone during the traditional high water season and thought I would miss it altogether, but last winter's massive snowpack coupled with a ton of rain in late June and early July meant it was still running at 190 cms when I returned so it was the first stop upon arriving home. It's one of those drops where either it's going to go really well and you'll just float down or you'll catch one of the many rocks that are lurking just below the surface which will throw you off line or worse flip you and it will be ugly. Luckily for me I avoided all the rocks and cruised down with no issues. I still think it would be better and more fun the more water there is but 190 was a good level.

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