Pyrenees trip and Pyrenees Buddies Race 2012

Jul 21, 2012

As usual in France, at the mid-May , you pack your car with all creeking gears, kayaks, spare paddles, the good old cheese and good meat of your region for Pyrenean buddies and you drive to the Pyrénées.
This year, I was there again!!
I only stay there for a week cause I was working on setting up my company. You’ll have more infos about soon…
The goal of that week was to enjoy the rivers, paddle as much as we can and compete the Pyrenees Buddies Race (France extreme kayak championship).

Fabrice Poueyto welcomed me in his house for the week.
We went boating every day for fun except one day where we had the chance to kayak for a TV crew who were shooting the extreme sports TV show “Riding Zone” on French TV.
So Eric Deguil, Fabrice Poueyto and I paddled down the Cauteret River, dropped a waterfall on its upper section, we finished the day with few interviews.

2 days later we drove to Laruns where took place the Pyrenees Buddies Race (the French Extreme Kayak Championship).
The event received this year a Stand Up Paddle race for pros, the extreme kayak races as usual with a team race + a “Battle of the Paddle” with SUPers and kayakers on a easy SUP race.

About the extreme kayak race, the event started with the team race. Mat Coldebella, Hugo Cailhol and I, aka “team Level6”, with a perfect run wan finally the race after finishing 2nd last year. Was a pleasure guys to grab the title with you!!
Concerning the individual race, there were 2 races: a sprint with a qualif run and a final run, and an extreme race.
A did good sprint runs but not that fluid so I ended 5th, a bit frustrated to not improve my best but hey, I didn’t paddle that much this winter so it’s quite normal to not be at your best if you don’t paddle even if I was close to my best physical level.
The next day was the sprint final run where I ended again 5th with a similar run as my qualif run.
The afternoon took place the extreme slalom, I did a fast run which easily put me on the podium. But I didn’t know exactly why the organizers added me a 50seconds penalty for a untouched banner a while after the race, knowing judges didn’t give me the penalty…
Arf, no matter was fun to compete again here at the Pyrenees Buddies Race. I don’t even know what’s my ranking for the extreme slalom and the overall ranking…

Hopefully I competed at the Battle of the Paddle which bring together all Stand Up Paddlers and kayakers on an easy SUP course. And yep I kicked few SUPers asses and finished 3rd.

I drove back home right after the race to get back at work.
Was SOOOOO GOOD to come once again in the Pyrenees and paddle all these jewels!!!
Thanks to all Pyrenean buddies!!

Ride life.
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