Spring time report

Spring time is always a full on period. Between a video shooting for an outdoor sport event, a golf, dropping in a local waterfall at flood after massive rains or stand up paddle on our home lake with the kids of my local kayak club, spring time is always a good excuse to go outdoor and have fun with friends.

Most of my time on spring time is filming trail running events. I have the chance to work with my brother Gautier. It’s always good to film with him cause we shoot the same way, so all edits are easy to do then. Our biggest Trail Running event this year was the Lozère Trail where took place an Ultra Trail, 105km on 2 days.

I also spend few times shooting my brother riding his Downhill MTBike. Gautier is one of best DH MTBike filmmaker and got a bike partner. We went to shoot near our home.

When spring is dry, yeah sometimes it’s dry in France, I just have to call a friend and drive 2 minutes from home to go to the local golf. 18 holes to work on your nerves and your friendship at the same time!!  ;-)

And finally it rains so you get back your kayak gears, go to check the local stout you never had the chance to paddle.
It looks good to go, so let’s run the Dourdou river in Bozouls.
Super stocked to had the chance to paddle this section I was looking for these last 5 years!! Only one group ran it at a low level few years before.
We had massive rains in my region so I went kayaking in slalom boats with the kids of my kayak club. It’s good to coach and train with those kids all year long and watch them kayaking better and better!!
Soon in class 5 guys!!

We enjoyed the rainy days to go kayaking as much as we can but the dry days finally arrived, so we went Stand Up Paddling on our home lake for fun.
Stand Up Paddle is definitely the best way to enjoy flat waters and simply take it easy with your girlfriend on a late afternoon.

Well my spring season is full on with all those jobs, sports, sessions and trainings!!
But I don’t have to blame on it, it’s so good to be outdoor and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer!!

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