Level Six Testing grounds.

Dec 4, 2012

Where: Ottawa River
When: November
Water: High
Weather and water: Cold

Soul boater, Deuce gives the new Level Six Emperor and Ace Spray skirt high scores.

Fall boating on the Ottawa has been for the desperate or well equipped lately. With Bussy gone it seems like all the paddlers left with it. Regardless of subfreezing temperatures, frozen gear and no one to paddle with I’ve still managed to paddle almost every day over the past two weeks, and test out some new Level Six gear. The Emperor drysuit and their new top of the line Ace skirt has been keeping me dry and toasty warm on countless solo runs down the main channel. The cut of the Emperor drysuit allows for great maneuverability, flexibility and ease stepping over logs or jogging up to the put in, and the new zipper makes putting on a drysuit by yourself a whole new ball game. The Ace skirt is bone dry with a multi-gasket rand and snug fit. The addition of an implosion bar makes dropping in to plug a big hole or that few moments leading into highwater Coli that much more comforting knowing my skirt won’t blow in these freezing waters.

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