HotFuzz Unisuit - A must have

Feb 24, 2013

Why is he writting a post about a polar pyjama...??

The only reason is "you must have one whatever you're doing!!".
Ok ok, you don't believe in me...
I use it for kayaking (what a surprise), for skiing, walking, golfing and also to lay at home!!

It's definitely a gear to have for all those who are most of their time outdoors.
I'm working on the Freeride World Tour all winter long, working in the mountains no matter the weather. And it's soooooo good to have a warm piece of gear you can trust in when it's super cold.

For kayaking: the unisuit, the DrySuit and you'll not get cold for sure.
For skiing: the unisuit, a pant, jacket, beanie, your DVA and you're good to go.
For golfing and/or walking in the nature: the unisuit, a rain-pant, a jacket.
To lay at home, the Unisuit, your slippers, a TV and you're OK.

If you still don't wanna have one, make sure to never try... Otherwise you'll want one!!
I've 2 ones.

More seriously, whatever you're doing outdoor, make sure to have warm gears in a good shape. It's a big part of your security and the security of your team mates.
I'm 1m80 for 79Kg, got a Large.

Ride safe outthere and enjoy.

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