Brand New Dry Suits from Level Six – Coming Soon!

Jun 28, 2013

Level Six has taken its 8 years of research and put it into perfecting the Emperor dry suit. The Emperor has injected its DNA Into the brand new Triton and Orion dry suits which will be a part of Level Six’s new 2014 line of gear. The Triton and Orion dry suits will be revealed for the first time at the 2013 Outdoor Retailer Expo in Salt Lake City.

The Triton – Dry Suit

Level Six is excited to be releasing its new revolution of top-quality dry suits. The Triton is a dry suit built for the roughest of conditions. It boasts a new, wide shoulder entry allows for easier access. The Triton is a full featured, waterproof, breathable dry suit with bi-layer reinforced panels and also with 3-ply Exhaust fabric. Level Six has high hopes for this brand new, affordable dry suit along with the new Orion dry suit and is confident that their quality, price, and function will take the paddling world by storm.

Triton - $849.99 MSRP

The Orion – Multi-Purpose Dry Suit

New for spring 2014, the Orion is a leading edge concept for Level Six and was built with the adventurous multi-purpose paddler in mind. Level Six wanted to fill the demand for a light-weight dry suit that protects paddlers from the elements while allowing them to enjoy the comfort of their beloved sport. The Orion multi-sport dry suit was built for SUP enthusiast and also for paddlers who want to spend a comfortable day in a sea kayak or who want go fishing during a rainy weekend on the lake. Comfort and utility was the main focus during Level Six’s design process for the Orion. The Orion is a full featured dry suit without a latex neck gasket made with 2.5 ply Exhaust fabric. Its unique design is what sets it apart from the conventional Level Six dry suit.

“We have expanded our contribution to the SUP world by introducing the Orion dry suit into the market. Level Six has naturally progressed in its designs over the years to compliment the SUP niche with products like the popular Sup Rider moisture-wicking active wear. The Orion is our next big innovation since we introduced our Hydro-Shield technology in our SUP Rider line.” – Level Six Co-Owner Stig Larsson

Orion - $649.99 MSRP

Be sure to check out the Level Six booth at the Outdoor Retailer Expo happening at the end of July in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Booth #: 34127)

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