Jan 31, 2017
Here we are
I’ve been invited by two friends of mine, the kayakers  Piero Linda, the shop owner of Alpin Action, and Beppe Caramella, who have decided to paddle in southern Albania in the Vjosa River, boarding at the Greece boundary to reach the sea. The river trip will be in complete autonomy and we are going to use the Dagger Katana canoes model, the most suitable for this kind of travel.
The reason why we decided to make this experience is mainly due to the fact that the river flows into a wild, unspoiled and wonderful area for more than 280 km and because the Vjosa River is at risk.
Infact it has been planned to build 9 dykes, that would  cause the whole distruction of the nature the ecosystem, the biodiversity, the tourism and the prospective of an economical development. Especially considering that this valley offers a lot of  river activities, hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking  that are valuable economical resources for the territory
Recently a group of Slovenes canoeists went down the river to  attract attention on to this issue by involving  local people and through a petition which was then provided  to the Albanian Ministry. We just want to try to  strength their message and enjoy (hopefully  not for the last time) this amazing landscape.
The first part of the way down  is the most challenging phase as there are rapids up to grade IV, and then the river decreases in terms of trouble and grade, but it still offers two canyon before it becomes flattened at the estuary. ....Coming Soon......
Have good paddling 
Luigi Codinotti Team Level Six

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