Are you ready for the paddling season?

Feb 11, 2019

In most of the country, it is usually warm enough to start to get out on the water at some point in April. For those that haven’t been counting down the days – that is actually only 60 days away!

To ensure that you are ready to go as soon as that amazingly warm spring day comes – you know, the one where it pops up to surprisingly warm temps and the sun beams down all day, here are a few suggestions to make the most of this downtime before paddling season starts:


  1. Gear Review - Repair

This is a great time to open your gear bag and sort through everything in it. It is an especially good idea if you happened to have gone for ONE LAST PADDLE in the late fall and then tossed your gear bag into a corner because winter suddenly showed up.

Once you’ve opened your bag and released that toxic wet neoprene smell, hang everything up and start looking for any small holes, rips or tears in the articles.

Level Six sells everything you need to repair your outerwear on their website if your local dealer is out of patches, gaskets or waterproofing. They also do gasket repairs if you mail or drop off your dry top/drysuit.

Shop Repair: Click Here

Gasket Replacement & Repairs: Click Here


  1. Gear Review – Replace

As you are going through your paddling bag, take the time to do an inventory. Is everything there? Did you end up leaving anything behind on the rocks in the fall? Did you loan something out and not get it back?

Make a list of what is missing and then look to take advantage of what Level Six has in the clearance section of their website or check out some of their new product offerings this season!


  1. Plan for Fun

Once the paddling season starts, it seems to fly by every year.  Take some time to build out a season calendar to ensure you get to attend all the great festivals and events in your region. They are wonderful opportunities to expand your network of paddling friends, learn new skills and experience new paddling places.

Once you’ve made your plan, be sure to book the vacation time so you can go! Then start rounding up friends and reminding them to commit and join you.

We look forward to seeing you out on the river!


The Vincent Family


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