Everything you need to know about The Freya!

Feb 14, 2020

We’d like to introduce you to The Freya: Level Six’s first-ever women’s specific drysuit!

Named after the Goddess of Love, the Freya is designed for women who love the water. (Freya isn’t all lovey-dovey though, in Norse Mythology she is also associated with battle and war- the Goddess is tough just like our Level Six ladies)

Constructed using Level Six’s very own Exhaust 3.0 fabric, our strongest breathable nylon and with features like reinforced knees and elbows, the Freya is made to withstand the toughest tests on the water. 

For more information on Exhaust 3.0 check out our tech video here: 

Currently, the Freya comes in a beautiful beet red color with bright orange highlights. Which looks great on the water (and in photos)!

Level Six Water Sports Women's Drysuit Freya

We know that our ladies are strong and independent - Freya knows this as well. Designed with a deluxe front entry system made with waterproof zippers, it’s built so you can easily get in and out of the drysuit all by yourself without any assistance. 

Level Six Women's First Ever Front Entry Drysuit for Paddling and water sports

The Freya has British latex wrist and neck gaskets with adjustable gasket protectors. (Yup, even the neck gasket has an adjustable protector which not only protects the latex but also looks super sharp and gives the dry suit an overall sleek look).

Red and Orange sleek neck protector on Level Six Freya Women's Drysuit

The socks on The Freya are made of 3ply and are built into the drysuit. They’re durable and reliable for keeping your feet dry during a long day on the water.

The drysuit has Level Six’s new adjustable and redundant stealth waistband which is designed for a watertight seal around your spray skirt that’s not going to fail you. 

Stealth Waistband System Level Six's Drysuits and Drywear for water sports

A huge innovation with the Freya is Level Six’s drop seat which runs diagonally across the back to be less invasive and more comfortable than the standard drop seat. The diagonal drop seat is designed with the knowledge that the traditional drop seat can get uncomfortable when you find yourself sitting right on top of a giant zipper. 

With The Freya’s drop seat design, sitting in your kayak or raft for an entire day is that much more pleasant (unfortunately your legs will still probably go numb after being in your kayak all day- sorry we can’t do anything about that…maybe try yoga?)

Women's drop seat relief zipper on Freya Drysuit made for active women on the water

The Freya is the drysuit for women on the water, and we’re excited to see the adventures Freya takes you on.

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