Going PFAS Free

May 31, 2024

Level Six has gone PFAS-free. This is a monumental shift in the industry as PFAS and the group of chemicals under it have been the secret sauce behind the success of waterproof, breathable fabrics. Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are a group of manufactured chemicals used in industry and consumer products since the 1940s. These substances pose health risks, including reproductive and developmental effects, immune system suppression, liver damage, asthma, and an increased risk of high blood pressure. This is especially true for the factory workers who work directly with the substances. However, PFAS can be found in drinking water, soil near waste sites, firefighting foam, food, household products, and biosolids. They break down slowly and accumulate in the environment over time. Recent research has found that this substance bioaccumulates and is already in the bloodstreams of most human beings. This is why Level Six has made it a priority to eliminate them from our manufacturing from here on out.

This technology is debuting in the Loki Drysuit. The Loki is also our latex and neoprene-free drysuit that utilizes an innovative PU-coated Lycra gasket system that allows the user to actively tighten or loosen the gasket for either more performance or greater comfort on a long day. This suit performs to the highest standard while simultaneously being breathable and comfortable. Paddling on flat water with the gaskets open, or white water with them closed, the Loki is perfect for your next canoe trip!

This is a game changer for anyone allergic to latex and neoprene products; you can now enjoy the activities you love without any allergic reactions as your trade-off. The Loki is also the most affordable drysuit that Level Six produces, making it the most attainable, user-friendly, and sustainable dry suit on the market. If you have always wanted a dry suit for your rec paddling adventures but can’t justify the price and if latex gaskets are too tight or uncomfortable, this suit was made with you in mind.

Level Six is proud not only of this dry suit and all of the work that went into it but also of what it means for the future of our industry and what it means for us. While we are far from perfect, sustainability is not a gimmick to us. While other companies are waiting to eliminate these toxic chemicals from their gear, the time to act is always now. Like many, we were previously unaware of PFAS chemicals' risks; however, once known, we felt the need to act. From this motivation and years of RND, we introduced the Loki, utilizing our already fully recycled and PFAS-free fabric and a new C0 PFAS-free DWR coating. We are committed to this direction. All-new production of dry gear will continue to eliminate these forever chemicals that actively harm the waterways we cherish, our environment, our personal health, and finally, the health of our factory workers and their families. This is one of the most compelling factors for us as the statistics surrounding the health consequences for labourers exposed to PFAS and the infant mortality rate of the surrounding community are the most staggering. They are the canary in the proverbial coal mine. The release of this has proved timely as the EPA is increasingly cracking down on the use of PFAS, and the Canadian government is contemplating the same.

We feel incredibly grateful to have a customer base and operate in an industry that shares our values of sustainability and preservation. While we recognize that no company can be completely sustainable, we are committed to doing our part to protect our planet for future generations. We are constantly learning and developing new initiatives to reduce our environmental impact, and we are excited to embark on this journey with you. We hope to inspire and be the starting point for your own sustainability journey, and we invite you to join us in making positive changes for our planet.


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