Feb 14, 2017
It is called the supreme show
Nothing can prepare you to the magnificence of the Gran Canyon
Starting from the rock shaped over millions years to the powerful lapping of the wild river
For the second time, I am here to go  through the waters of Colorado river.
In 2008 my group was the first Italian team to sail the Grand Canyon completely free-standing.
The team was made of 13 paddlers and 3 rafting guides.
Being back again after 8 years it has been for me a huge gift.
This second time the group is made of 4 kayakers, 2 rafting guides and 2 passengers and I wanted to take part as rafting guide and as leader group as well.
Riding a raft loaded with 700 kg through the rapids of the Colorado river is hard and the adrenaline is so strong that kills the tiredness. Everything disappears due to the beauty of the place, that surrounds you, and the sound of river water, never the same and always noble, brings you to a magical world.
This huge place makes you feel very tiny and the protagonist at the same time; the immensity and the brightness of light come with you and they make you feel  a "great" human being with a great desire to scream and thanking God for have given you Life, and being able to enjoy this beauty: the Creation
Our adventure would have ended at Diamond Creek after 16 days and 226 miles of path, but the day before a strong thunderstorm flooded the only exit by the Grand Canyon!!!
So we had to paddle for one day more and travel for 54 miles till the Mead Lake. We went out at Pearce Ferry at 22 pm covering a total distance of 280 miles
With the below poem I want to remind you, noble Colorado river   VIDEO GRAND CANYON 
Colorado  Grand Canyon
Water breaks the flaming earth
The burning land gave a worn out  and sad fruit
Everything crumbles and twists of passion
We are as warriors hurted by our fears
While everything goes away
The heart comes close to the mind
The Thought goes away toward the Survival
The heart beats for the victory
Alone and intimate in our smallness
We arrive at our destination
Full of passion
 (Author Antonio Fierro)
Luigi Codinotti TEAM LEVEL SIX 
Have good paddling 

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