Level Six Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Dec 3, 2019

Pro Guide – Neoprene Lined Shorts

Style & function, that’s what the Pro Guide shorts do best. As the title suggests these board shorts feature a 0.5mm neoprene lining to keep you warm and a hyper stretch board short shell for maximum style points because what’s the point of doing anything if you don’t look good doing it (just kidding…kind of). The Pro Guide shorts also feature some handy pockets and best of all a raised hip panel to prevent chaffing from your boat’s back band.



Canyon – Ultra-Tough Shorts

The Humvee of shorts. That’s the best way to describe the most bad-ass shorts in the Level Six collection. Originally designed for the daily grind of whitewater raft guides, the Canyon shorts are great for just about anything you throw at it. The Canyon shorts feature a quick-drying and ultra-tough polyester construction as well as 6 pockets for all your essentials. From swimming to paddling to hiking, the Canyon shorts will never let you down.



Nahanni – Full-Zip Paddling Jacket

Originally designed for canoe tripping, the Nahanni is a full-zip paddling jacket that can be used for just about anything. This full-zip paddling jacket is easy to take on and off while in your boat and is constructed from our Exhaust 2.5-UL waterproof/breathable nylon. The Nahanni jacket comes fully featured with a fleece-lined collar and front pockets for hand warming, a double cuff system to keep water out of your sleeves and underarm vents for extra breathability on humid rainy days. The Nahanni certainly isn’t limited to canoe tripping, you can take this jacket on almost any adventure.



Coastal – Long-Sleeve Sun Protection Top

Hate reapplying sunscreen? The Coastal LS top is a great option for those who love to play in the sun yet always forget about sunscreen. The Coastal features a loose fit which is great for catching a breeze on a hot day and dries out quickly if you decide to go for a swim. If you’re heading down south or to any hot and sunny destination this winter, make sure to pick up a Coastal.



Jericho – Neoprene Jacket

The Jericho jacket is the piece to have for “après” paddling sessions. The Jericho jacket is just one piece out of the whole Jericho collection which is constructed using our Eco-Stretch limestone neoprene. Eco-Stretch neoprene is more durable and does not contain any petroleum (oil). It also features a super cozy polyester interior lining for maximum comfort. The Jericho jacket was originally designed for SUP paddlers on the water but it’s great for life off the water as well! Pro tip: This jacket cuts the wind well making it great for x-country skiing!


Kenora – Touring Top

The Kenora is a dream top for those who like to adventure and cover big distances in their boat rain or shine. This touring top is constructed using a blend of our Exhaust 2.5 fabrics. In low-wear areas where you need a low profile, we use our highly compressible Exhaust 2.5-UL fabric and on high-wear areas like the shoulders and elbows, we use our tougher Exhaust 2.5 fabric. The Kenora jacket features an adjustable hood and double tunnel for a secure seal with your sprayskirt. It also uses gusseted neoprene closure systems on the wrist and neck for a full semi-dry top performance. This means you can flip over and roll back up without getting soaked. Best of all you don’t have to deal with irritating latex gaskets!



Nebula – Dry Top

The Nebula is the Cadillac of whitewater dry tops. It is constructed using a blend of our toughest Exhaust waterproof/breathable fabrics. High-wear areas like shoulder and elbow panels that need reinforcement use Exhaust 3.0 and low-wear areas like the torso use Exhaust 2.5 for better breathability. The Nebula is a great top for the whitewater paddler who demands a lot from their gear.



River Boots 2.0 – Neoprene Boots

Completely redesigned and updated for 2020 the River Boots 2.0 is a simple and low-profile neoprene boot. They are great for those fitting their feet in a small boat or for those on a SUP and like to have close contact with their board. Constructed from a 2.5 mm neoprene these boots will keep you warm and feature a Velcro strap for a secure fit.



Proton – Neoprene Gloves

THE BEST GLOVES EVER. Seriously. These gloves are constructed using an ultra-soft 2mm neoprene with a high stretch threshold. At $28 these gloves are any paddler's best friend. Try them, it will be your new favourite piece of gear.


Shoreline – Rubber Boots

Originally these were designed for those taking on nasty portages facing the mud, bog, black flies and mosquitos of northern Ontario. These boots quickly became a go-to for everyone. The light-weight rubber rolls down making packing these boots easy, they even come with a mesh carrying bag! Great for portages, gardening, mud-mucking, and everyday city use the Shoreline boots are awesome!



Gift Card

If after reading this guide you still can’t decide what to buy “him” for Christmas we have gift cards for those who prefer to decide for themselves!



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