Inflatable SUP Construction Technology Guide

Jan 14, 2020

Our inflatable boards are offered in two different construction methods HD and Ultralight. All the boards are made with the highest quality drop stitch which is a layer of durable PVC on the top and bottom with millions of nylon threads connecting the 2 PVC Layers. When inflated with air these threads become straight and stiff which gives the inflatable sup its shape and stiffness. Our HD Boards have two layers of PVC throughout for durability and stiffness.

In our Ultralight boards, the two layers of PVC are fused during the manufacturing process to provide increased stiffness while decreasing the weight and size by 30% compared to the HD construction. For 2020 we also use a carbon stringer down the side wall to increase stiffness. This new stringer and the fusion technology allow the board to be inflatable to a higher PSI compared to the HD boards. Because of this we can make our ultralight boards 1.2 inches thinner than our HD boards while still being stiffer! This allows the paddler to be closer to the water which offers better balance and a better paddling experience similar to a hard epoxy board. It also rolls up smaller for transportation!


These boards are perfect for paddlers who live in an urban environment or have limited storage, transportation options and would like to travel with their board. If you have use a n inflatable board before you know it can be a bit of a work out to get your board past 17 PSI and if you are looking for the best performance possible in our ultralight boards they can go up to 20 PSI. Our pumps have a 2 way valve to make those last few PSI a bit easier and we also make a iSUP valve compressor adaptor to connect to a compressor or electric pump.


Inflatable sups are durable, compact and convenient!

Check out our 2020 inflatable SUP lineup:

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