Jan 12, 2017
"A new frontier for paddlers like us, crazy but true, for the second time Africa has enchanted us once again
Last spring we decided to go to Kenya, driven by curiosity, after reading an article on Kayak Session, we were inspired to look for a contact and organize the trip
Savage, our contact person, is a paddler who lives in Kenya and the owner as well of a very beautiful outdoor center, surrounded by nature, a wonderful and gorgeous  place  equipped with all necessary comforts for a great stay.
Our base camp was Savage’s center, from where every day, with our personal driver Daniel, we travelled by the jeep searching for new rivers
Kenya offers a lots of river stretches, from the creek to the volume, practically there is plenty of choice, and for the laziest even the “park and play” with amazing breath-taking waterfalls !!!

Nature really takes over and this makes you feel like a guest, as a little creature held in a huge hand!
What a satisfaction paddling in warm waters, wearing a simple water jacket and short sleeves, the sun, the vegetation, the scents,  the smells  and of course always having hippo's eyes on, which are the real masters of the river
Days flowed fast, every day a different river and the hospitality of the people was simply amazing.
The trip planning is easy, and if Savage is engaged everything becomes even easier and more comfortable.

The central region of Kenya is overlooked by the Aberdare Mountains and the Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa.
In this area there are about 20 rivers which can be covered, with a level of difficulty ranging from 2 to 5, but mostly of 3 and 4.
The main rainy season in Kenya is from April to June but be aware in Africa everything is bigger!!!
"And finally let's enjoy a film produced by my friend Glenn Richards that I've had the pleasure of meeting and and paddling with"
Thanks for the Organization of the Savage Wilderness Adventure Camp
See you soon Have good paddling 
Gigi Codinotti TEAM LEVEL SIX  

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