Let's get serious for a moment - Embarrassing tan lines and the sun

Feb 12, 2020

There's nothing better than being outside when the sun's shining and you can feel the warm rays on your skin. If you're like me, most of the time you forget about sunscreen as you race out the door on your way to the river or lake near you.

Level Six SUP board & stand up paddle boarding with women's neoprene swimwear

But let's get serious for a moment here... millions of people are treated for skin cancer annually and roughly 1 in 5 of us will develop some form of skin cancer in the course of our lifetime. On top of that sun exposure is the leading cause of premature aging.

I won't lie, I love a good life jacket tan just as much as the next river rat but maybe our parents were right when they painted us with sunscreen before we stepped outside for a day at the beach. 

Level Six Men's Apparel Summer Watersports on a beach with camp food

An average shirt has a UPF sun protection rating of 5 (you guessed it.. not great when it comes to dealing with the sun during a long day on the water..), Level Six's sun protection line, on the other hand, has a UPF sun protection rating of 50 (YUP that's way better!!).

Level Six Sun Protection Light Weight Hoodie Men's Apparel for Watersports

We've all had our share of sunburns and embarrassing tan lines and will definitely have a few more but let's do our best to reduce the harsh effects of the sun.

So here are Level Six's top ways to avoid getting sunburnt and fight skin cancer: Keep sunscreen in your gear bag, rock a baseball cap and choose clothes with a high sun protection rating.

See you out in the sun!

Let us know how you cover up from the sun and tag us in your best lifejacket tan photo on Instagram!

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