Level Six Athlete Profile: Tino Specht

Apr 6, 2020

Level Six whitewater kayaker athlete profile Tino Specht

Level Six Athlete Profile:

Tino Specht

Meet Tino Specht, Whitewater Kayaker, Director/Owner Nomade Media House, and one of Level Six's longest-standing Ambassadors.
How long have you been kayaking for?
"I have been kayaking for 16 years now!"
Where do you kayak the most?
"I do most of my kayaking in Chile or North America. But it's hard to beat Chile for all the different styles of white water it offers."
Level Six whitewater kayaking slalom action shot of athlete paddling
What was the highlight of your 2019 season?
"My highlight of 2019 was to paddle the Yeso river in the morning and paraglide the mountains that create the source of the Yeso river in the afternoon. Love the multi-sport!"
You can see videos of Tino paragliding on his Instagram.
What are you focusing on for this upcoming season?
"I am creating my own travel company, we run multi-sport trips in Chile and the North East of the USA. Also a few kayak missions in Asia...stay tuned!"
What is your favorite Level Six product?
"The Emperor drysuit. That suit is bomber!"
Level Six Emperor heavy duty drysuit for whitewater kayaking and paddling
The Emperor is a heavy-duty drysuit built to stand up to the toughest tests on the water. Click here to check out Level Six's Emperor drysuit.
What do you do when you're not on the water?
"I am the Marketing Director for Berkshire East/Catamount/Thunder Mountain Adventure Resorts. I also love spending time with friends, playing music, and learning new skills."

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