Our top 4 ways to get your Valentine to try whitewater paddling

Feb 13, 2020

If you’re like us, as soon as weather and water levels permit, you disappear into the world of put-ins, paddles and pints. Unless your significant other is also a fellow paddler they might wonder if they will ever see you again...

Here are Level Six's top four tips on how to trick your boyfriend/girlfriend into giving Whitewater kayaking or canoeing a try:
  • Instagram: Social media is great for sharing content and connecting with people all over the world. Use it to your advantage here! Show your person some beautiful paddling locations (mention how nice it would be to travel there together). Introduce them to some paddlers that they should follow ( Introduce them to a paddler that you think they’d connect with- don’t just spam them with your favorite paddler's social media posts!)

You can check out the latest and greatest in paddlesports on Level Six's Instagram here!

And show them the latest in paddling gear too! Tell your boyfriend/ girlfriend how great they would look in a new Freya or Odin.

  • Get Your Friends to Help: Next time your paddling buddies are having a couple of drinks bring your significant other along. The trick here is getting your friends to like your valentine and they will instantly go into “OMG you should come paddle with us” mode. Once your significant other and your paddling partners become friends then the rest is history- they will be able to help you find gear and offer added safety on the river to offer the beginner more comfort while trying something new.

Maybe grab your Valentine a new Mist/ Vapour hoodie for the night out. It casual and comfy while still making them look stylish (and perfect to throw on after a long day on the water).

  • Standup Paddleboard: Plan a cute Standup paddleboarding date on a local lake and pack a picnic lunch. You'll get a ton of brownie points for the amazing adventure date idea and this will also work as an introduction into the watersports world.

  • Start small: Don’t throw them into the deep end and just hope they can figure out how to roll! Try and remember what it was like to be a beginner in the whitewater paddling world. Be patient with your instruction and know that they will probably not have their roll down the first day out. Take it slow and always ensure there’s a beer waiting for them at the end as if to say “Babe I’m so proud of you for giving it a try!”

If you have successfully tricked your significant other into becoming your new paddling partner, let us know how you did it in the comments below!

Or if you meet your significant other on the river let us know your dream paddling date/trip in the comments below!

Happy Valentines Day from everyone here at Level Six! See you on the water!

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