Salus Collaboration - The Limited Edition Salus Proto Level Six Rescue PFD

Apr 13, 2021

2021 has already been a busy year for us at Level Six with so many new products and exciting community events. Within the last three months, we've released a handful of new products such as our new 2021 Emperor Dry Suit, the new Portage Duffle Gear Bag, the new Voyageur Insulated Canoe Seat Pack, and more! PLUS, we've already held two different contests where we had the opportunity to gift lucky paddlers while supporting our paddling community. (We highly recommend you follow us on our social media channels to be informed of more contests too.) We promised it would be a crazy year filled with new products and giveaways and that's what we will continue to do! We're only getting started. With that said, we are ecstatic to share our newest collaboration with Salus.

Many of you in the paddling community are familiar with Salus. If you're new here, Salus is a Canadian personal floatation device & life jacket brand serving paddlers, sailors, active families, and rescue professionals EVERYWHERE! Over the past few months, we have been constructing a limited edition product that we know you fellow paddlers will love. Introducing the Salus Proto x Level Six Rescue PFD.

Salus has been longtime friends of ours and we appreciate their presence in the paddling community as an honest and passionate brand. With both of us being Canadian water innovators who serve the paddling community, we knew the collaboration would eventually have to happen. And we're so happy that it finally is! Although it was a hard secret to keep in, the finished product was worth the eager wait. Check out some behind the scene production photos below.

Like we mentioned, this is a limited edition product. So, if you are seeing this and are interested, we recommend you pause and add it to your cart ASAP before it runs out. 

For the full specs and product description of the Salus Proto x Level Six Rescue PFD, visit the product page here

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