Sun protection summary and our favorite pieces!

Jan 7, 2020

Here's Level Six's Sun protection Summary!

We have a lot of sun protection clothes in our line including; swimwear, leggings, and athletic shirts. If you take a quick look at the majority of these products feature section you'll find that they are rated UPF 50+ sun protection- sounds like something that's probably good for you but what does it mean?

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is a rating scale for fabrics that protect you from UV radiation. So essentially the better the UPF, the better the piece of fabric stops the amount of UV radiation from reaching your skin. So if a rating of 30+ is pretty good (which is standard in the clothing industry) then Level Six's UPF 50+ rating is amazing!

Sunscreen is still important though! Even with such a high UPF rating, your skin is not 100% protected so make sure you keep some sunscreen on hand regardless

Here's some of our favourite sun protection pieces!

Coastal Long Sleeve Sun Shirt:

Both the men's and women's coastal long sleeve sun shirt are favourites at Level Six. The classic rashguard is practical and comfortable with a relaxed fit that is perfect for spending a day on the water.

Sunseeker Leggings:

A perfect mix of performance and style, finally a pair of leggings that works great at the beach and at the yoga studio.

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