Your winter escape packing checklist

Jan 8, 2020

You're heading down south for a little winter escape. Here's Level Six's packing checklist


The number one necessity for any traveler is a good pair of headphones for surviving those long flights. Make sure to pick up a good pair before your trip!


Take this opportunity to unplug and leave the phone alone, use a camera to take pictures instead.


Don't forget your toothbrush!

Money/ Documents:

Good luck getting on your plane without your passport!


It's not a winter escape unless you spend a little time in the water. Go right from the paddleboard to the patio with the Clearwater Tankini.


the  best multi-tasking pants out there! Go from a hike in the woods to having a drink with friends. 


Check out Level Six's Men's Daytripper shorts which perfectly blend style and function. A board short that looks great on and off the water.

Sun shirts:

You're looking to escape the winter blues and catch some warm rays of the sun, so make sure to grab your coastal short sleeve with a comfy fit and 50+ UPF sun protection. Available in both men's and women's styles

Comfy airport clothes:

We suggest the Men's Vapour hoody and the ladies Mist hoody for maximum comfort while you spend a day hanging around the airport. Plus it's perfect in the cool evening temp when the sun fades and you still want to enjoy a beer on the patio.

    Rain jacket:

    It pays to be prepared even on vacation so don't forget your rain jacket or you might be destined to spend a rainy day in the hotel instead of out exploring. Check out the Nahanni Jacket. if you're looking to spend some time recreationally paddling.


    We like our Badge Cotton Hat  to keep the sun off your face while keeping you looking and feeling cool.

    Paddling gear: If you're traveling to go paddling make sure you pack all your river gear! Don't forget your lifejacket or drysuit at home!

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