Grand Canyon 2011

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This fall I migrated west with good buddy Eric Shore and met up with Airborn riders Devyn Scott, Kyle Hull, and Katrina VanWijk.

Skookumchuck Narrows HD from Airborn Athletics on Vimeo.

Enjoy the little Video we put together. (Our fist ever edit with a slider)

I was planning on flying to Chile after our session at Skook but a spot opened up on Chris Shehab' 2011 Grand Canyon Trip. I took it.

The Grand Canyon took 3-6 billion years to form and pushes 277 miles downstream from Lee's Ferry to Lake Mead. We were there for 22 days. 16 people. 13 kayaks. 4 rafts +1 groover raft.

The river itself was pool drop style with big water around every corner. Very similar to the Ottawa River in the spring... solid class 3. This was my first time rowing and there were some close calls with one epic flip at Lava Falls. Our boy Taylor lined it up and... well... you better wait to see it for yourself in the Airborn Grand Canyon video.

It was winter in the desert so it was cold at night and Warm during the day. I wore my Barrier Drysuit everyday. The hikes are incredible and are some of my best memories from the trip. There are Tributaries and dry creek beds running into the canyon everywhere you look.

My favourite gear from the trip:

1. Barrier Drysuit.
2. Ria Jacket
3. Eddy 2 Fleece Lined Pant
4. My Tech T

The Grand Canyon was an amazing experience and I'm happy to be back there in August with my family!

[caption id="attachment_6361" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Kyle Hull, Jonathon Hyland, Katrina Vanswick, Keegan Grady."][/caption]

Happy 2012!

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